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How does it work?

Nutrition Planning

Involves managing your calorie intake, protein/fat/carbs ratio etc to achieve the goal. The nutrition plan thus made will change every 2 weeks based on the progress (cms lost around the belly & kgs lost). We do not sell any supplements & we prefer our clients to eat normal & usually eaten food!

The plan will be made flexible with swaps & substitutions, to facilitate this as a lifestyle change. For eg - if we give 3 dosa for breakfast, we also mention how many idly / upma / bread / chapati etc can be substituted instead of dosa

Exercise Planning

We will be sending an exercise plan with videos based on your goals and our assessment of your ability to do them. They could be either home-based exercises or gym based, depending on your goal.

We expect atleast 30 mins of home exercise for 5 days in a week, from a beginner

Follow-ups, Support & Handholding

This is the most important part!

Since your queries may range from what food to eat when you are outside, traveling..and could be doubts related to quantity etc. This support is provided through scheduled calls, emails or WhatsApp messages. We will follow up every 3 days to check on you and provide necessary handholding, motivation and followups to make sure that you are able to follow the program well

Online - Do it from anywhere in the world!

The program can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a phone or internet connection. We need your cms around belly and waist and weight in kg before starting.

If you are diabetic, cholesterol, fatty liver, etc then we may also require a blood test report. You could email or whatsapp us the report...and we are all set to start

Consultations can be done on phone. Whatsapp us at +91-7994999914

3 tricks to a healthy living


Eat Right!

Eating right does not mean eating less or tasteless food. Eating right is enjoying your food & smartly choosing food that fits into your calorie requirement. A good majority of lifestyle disorders (diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, PCOS) etc can be managed by smartly planning your nutrition


Move More!

Yes, move more..burn some calories! The more active you are, higher your metabolism levels are and higher the calories you burn. Your body's ability to manage blood glucose, serum cholesterol etc increases dramatically just by making yourself more active


Treat yourself with some rest!

Rest and recovery is an important ingredient to improve your overall health. Are you sleeping atleast 7 hours a day? Are you unwinding yourself and managing your stress?