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Conquer Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Challenges, Thyroid Struggles, PCOS, and Fatty Liver with Lifestyle Mastery!

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Reverse lifestyle diseases.

Achieving optimal health, weight loss, and reversing lifestyle diseases doesn’t necessitate a grueling diet and exercise regimen. At NuvoVivo, we believe in a scientific, sensible, and sustainable approach to wellness. Recognizing that each individual is unique—factoring in genetics, medical conditions, cultural food preferences, and personal taste—we tailor our programs for an enjoyable and personalized lifestyle change. Your health journey should be a joyous one, and we’re here to make it just that.

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Our 3S Framework

Scientific, Sensible & Sustainable Lifestyle Changes.


Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all diet and exercises. We use a personalized, scientifically backed approach in diet and exercises. After 30 years of age, a healthy diet is more than just reducing carbs and increasing protein. Let’s check your numbers, like uric acid, kidney health, Hba1c, cholesterol levels, liver enzymes, thyroid hormones etc, for a nutrition plan that’s just right for you. Similarly, let our team understand your physical ailments, conditions like piles, hernia, knee pain, back pain etc to advice an exercise plan that is customised for you.


Healthy eating isn’t just about choosing brown bread (rice) over white bread (rice). A white bread with veggies and lean protein is a smarter and healthier choice than having a brown bread with jam or maple syrup. Similarly, just the quality of food you eat alone cannot make you healthy; the quantity of calories also matter. Overeating, even the healthiest foods, can lead to problems including weight gain, fatty liver and high cholesterol.


Can you stick with a lifestyle for rest of your life? Our approach isn’t about bland food or giving up treats. It’s about a healthy relationship with food. Learn to chose alternatives for each food group that match your cultural tastes, which allows you many options, make it less boring, and thus sustain it for rest of your life. It’s not a ‘diet,’ it’s a ‘nutrition’ plan – a lifestyle you can keep up. After all, what is the point in living every day for a tomorrow, and never living a today!

How Does it Work?

Blending scientific expertise with tailored strategies.


Nutrition Plan.

Get ready for a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your eating habits and health needs. This calorie-based plan will adapt as your weight, waistline, and vital stats (like blood glucose, cholesterol, and BP) change. Our aim is not just to guide you but to empower you with the knowledge to create and stick to a healthy diet plan on your own. No supplements for sale here—we believe in fostering a healthy relationship with food while helping you achieve your medical and wellness goals.


Goal Based

Get ready for a tailored exercise plan designed just for you—customized to your age, physical condition, and daily routine. We’ve curated this plan from a comprehensive library of over 4000 exercises, all approved by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) to suit any age group. All it takes is a commitment of at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and you’re on your way. Whether you prefer working out at home or hitting the gym, we’ve got you covered based on your goals. Worried about specific conditions like hernia, piles, heart issues, or joint pain? We take all of that into account when crafting your plan.

Your exercise schedules will be accessible on your dashboard with detailed explanations, making it convenient for you to follow at your own pace. Plus, our exercise expert will be there to follow up and provide guidance as needed


Support and

We get it—it’s not just about a calorie-adjusted nutrition and exercise plan. The key to this lifestyle change is the support and guidance you need. Whether it’s follow-ups to keep you on track, motivation boosts, or addressing your questions (no matter how small they may seem to others), we’ve got your back. Your journey to a healthier lifestyle is unique, and we acknowledge the importance of addressing your specific doubts and concerns. What might sound trivial to someone else matters to us as you navigate the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle.

Our team is here to offer support. We’ll be in touch regularly through calls and WhatsApp messages to check in on your progress and provide the guidance you need


Join us from Anywhere
in the World.

You can join our programs from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a smart phone and internet connectivity. The diet and exercise videos shall be uploaded into your dashboard. Our dieticians, exercise experts and other support staff will be in touch with you through direct calls, WhatsApp messages, zoom calls etc to give you all the support and guidance you need to make you healthy and reverse your age!

Our Programmes

Our online programs are crafted to meet your unique needs and goals. 

Success Stories

Real success, real stories, real results celebrated here.

Mr. Ranjith Sivaraman was diabetic as he couldn’t give much importance to his health between his business career. Now he has reversed his age – visibly in his appearance, and his blood sugar levels are now normal. He followed a well-structured nutrition that involved normal Malayalee food such as dosa, idly, rice, chicken/fish, veg curry, fruits, etc. With a 30 mins home-based exercise and discipline, he is an inspiration to others in taking care of health, yet enjoying a flexible nutrition and flexible fitness !


Ranjith Sivaraman


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