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Our Programmes

Our online programs are crafted to meet your unique needs and goals. 

Weight Loss

Transformative weight loss through smart nutrition, tailored exercises.

Weight Gain & Muscle Gain

Muscle-focused nutrition and exercises for a robust and healthy weight gain.

General Wellness

Balanced nutrition, diverse exercises, and stress management for holistic well-being.

Sports Nutrition & Fitness

Precision sports nutrition to balance health and performance, for sustained well-being.

Diabetes Management

Tailored plan to control blood sugar, reduce medicines and future complications.

Liver Health

Perfect plan to reduce liver inflammation, reverse fatty liver and improve health.

Heart Health

Balanced nutrition, and heart-friendly exercises to bring BP and cholesterol under control.

Thyroid Health

Precision nutrition to revitalize your Thyroid health.

PCOS Management

Tailored exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle to restore hormonal balance

IBS, Acidity, GERD Mgmt.

Lifestyle for gut harmony, digestive well-being and acidity relief.

Arthritis & Uric Acid Mgmt.

Tailored strategies for arthritis, promoting joint health.

Asthma, COPD & Sleep Apnea

Customized lifestyle strategies for enhanced respiratory well-being.

Autoimmune Diseases

Navigating autoimmune diseases through nutrition, mindfulness & stress reduction

Post-Bariatric Surgery Lifestyle

Personalised care, comprehensive nutrition, and ongoing support for bariatric success.

Elderly Health

Age gracefully – preserve muscle, boost metabolism, and thrive!

Child Health

Fueling growth, immunity, and lifelong well-being with smart choices.

Specialized Health Programs

Tailored post-angioplasty, post-stroke, and kidney transplant diet for privileged care.

Cancer Nutrition

Navigating cancer with balanced, whole-food strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate through the queries and their answer.

NuvoVivo is an online health and fitness company specializing in Medical Fitness. We empower our clients to manage and reverse lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid issues, PCOS, fatty liver, hypertension, and uric acid. Clients from around the world join our flagship 3-month program to effectively address and overcome these health challenges.

Our program offers a personalized approach to your health journey. You’ll receive a tailor-made diet and exercise plan designed specifically for your current medical conditions and physical needs. Additionally, we provide ongoing support with routine follow-ups to address any queries and guide you seamlessly into this transformative lifestyle.

Diet: At NuvoVivo, we advocate sustainable and flexible eating habits that you can maintain for a lifetime. Your diet will be customized to align with your eating preferences and cultural needs, whether vegetarian/non-vegetarian, Indian/Middle Eastern/Western, etc. The specific caloric intake, protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels will be tailored to your current medical conditions, age, and weight.

Our approach goes beyond a one-size-fits-all plan; instead, we focus on educating you on how to continue being healthy, so you can sustain these habits independently. For instance, we might suggest replacing 1 whole egg with 25 gms of paneer (cottage cheese) or swapping 3 chapatis/roti for 4 dosas/bread. This nuanced understanding makes your diet easy to follow and sustainable it for rest of your life. Importantly, we will create the plan such that there’s no need for separate cooking or menu planning for other family members just because you are on our calorie-structured diet and exercise plan.

To keep things interesting, we update your calorie plan every two weeks, incorporating changes based on your weight, abdominal measurements, and other vital indicators such as FBS/PPBS if you are diabetic.

Exercise: Our program incorporates a balanced mix of cardio, yoga, and weight training exercises, each offering unique benefits. However, it’s crucial to tailor these exercises to individual physical conditions and ailments. For instance, individuals with piles or hernia should avoid weight lifting, while those dealing with lower back pain and disc problems are advised against crunches for belly fat reduction.

We provide personalized exercise videos curated to suit each individual’s physical and medical needs, with every routine vetted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). We recommend our clients engage in 30 minutes of exercise daily, five days a week, ensuring a holistic and manageable approach to their fitness journey.

Absolutely! Our program is designed to facilitate weight loss through a holistic lifestyle transformation involving healthy eating and regular exercise. The emphasis is on shedding body fat while preserving muscle mass—a key factor for sustained health improvement. Weight loss becomes a positive byproduct of enhanced well-being. Throughout your journey, the focus is on feeling stronger, healthier, and more youthful.

It’s important to note that weight loss should align with improved metabolic parameters. We recommend a gradual approach, aiming not to lose more than 4 kgs in a month to safeguard against muscle loss. This ensures a sustainable and health-centric weight loss experience.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of medical guidance. If needed, you can request online consultations with our panel of expert doctors. Please note that an additional consultation charge of Rs 500 will apply in such cases. Our diverse doctor panel includes specialists in general medicine, endocrinology, gynaecology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology, orthopaedics, sports medicine and urology to address a wide range of health concerns.

In many cases, structured and scientific lifestyle changes allow for the reduction or discontinuation of medications. The timeline and extent of this reduction depend on various factors such as age, chronicity of the disease, genetics, and other comorbidities.

Based on our experience, 90% of our clients have witnessed a decrease in medicine dosages after diligently following our program for 3 – 6 months. The potential to reduce medications is influenced by individual factors, and our approach is centered around achieving health improvements that may lead to a gradual adjustment in medication requirements.

The primary aim of our program is to enhance your metabolic parameters and body vitals, leading to a reduced dependence on medications. We prioritize improvements in your before-and-after blood reports and abdominal obesity over mere weight loss. While shedding excess weight is a positive outcome, it is just one of the many benefits of the overall improvement in health that our program strives to achieve.

Absolutely, there is a chance of relapse if you revert to a sedentary lifestyle and neglect your health habits. It’s crucial to maintain the positive changes you’ve implemented during the program. Failing to do so increases the risk of the conditions returning or regaining lost weight. Consistency in lifestyle choices plays a pivotal role in sustaining the improvements achieved through our program.

Generally, we do not incorporate supplements into the diet unless there is a specific deficiency identified in your reports. If needed, we might suggest supplements such as vitamin D or B12, Omega 3, which can be easily obtained from a local supplement shop. It’s important to note that we do not sell any supplements.

Our approach focuses on achieving health through normal homemade food, and it’s entirely possible to attain wellness without the need for additional supplements. We prioritize a balanced and sustainable diet as the cornerstone of your health journey.

In addition to a personalized calorie-planned diet and exercise videos, we offer extensive support to guide you through the transition into this lifestyle. We establish a dedicated WhatsApp group for each client, comprising the client, two dieticians, one exercise expert, and one follow-up/support staff. If necessary, you can also add your partner, guardian, or children to this group.

Within this WhatsApp group, we actively follow up with you, addressing your questions and providing guidance. Feel free to ask as many questions as you have—our team is committed to responding within 6-8 hours. If you require assistance via a call, simply request it in the group. For emergencies, a dedicated support number will be provided, ensuring you have access to the assistance you need.

No, we do not sell any products. Our primary focus is on transforming your lifestyle to promote health and reduce dependency on medications. We firmly believe that only structured and scientific lifestyle interventions can lead to lasting results; there are no magic pills or magic diets for achieving good health.

Becoming healthy, fit and managing diseases is a gradual process that requires time and commitment. We are here to guide and support you every step of the way through this transformative journey.

While traditional fitness often emphasizes looking great, feeling younger, and being physically active, ‘Medical Fitness’ takes a deeper approach. It combines medical knowledge of lifestyle diseases and physical ailments with the pursuit of a fit and youthful appearance.

For instance, a generic fitness approach of ‘reducing carbs, increasing protein, and working out’ may not be suitable for someone aiming to reverse diabetes, especially if they are above 35 years old and have elevated creatinine and uric acid levels or protein loss through urine (suggestive of kidney damage). Similarly, a person with piles or hernia should avoid certain exercises, while someone with knee or back pain requires a tailored approach. Medical fitness integrates an understanding of lifestyle diseases, nutrition, and exercises to not only manage or reverse diseases, but also to achieve a fit and healthy appearance.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of practical guidance in implementing your diet plan. As part of our support, we will provide essential recipe assistance to ensure that your culinary journey aligns seamlessly with your health goals.

No, we do not alter your current medications or introduce any new medicines as part of our program. You are encouraged to continue your current medications, if any, until a stage where dosage adjustments are considered. When the need arises for medication reduction, you have the option to either consult with your existing doctor or request a consultation from our panel of doctors.

The extent of reversal in lifestyle diseases varies based on individual factors such as genetics, duration of the condition, familial history, and associated comorbidities. Complete reversal may or may not always be achievable, however, significant improvement is possible through lifestyle changes.

If you can enhance your lifestyle and reduce your medication by, for example, 50%, it can be considered a substantial reversal or remission. It’s important to note that we do not independently reduce medication dosages. You have the option to consult with your own doctor or request an online appointment with our panel of doctors for further guidance on medication adjustments.

We do not provide guarantees as results depend on various factors such as adherence to advice, genetic parameters, underlying health conditions, comorbidities, and complications. We are committed to facilitating improvements in health and quality of life. However, we cannot guarantee a specific timeline or extent in reducing medicines. Our approach to lifestyle management is based on a scientific foundation, making it impractical to provide guarantees.

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