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Why corporate wellness?

Explore the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs.

Enhanced Productivity

Healthy employees are more energetic and focused, leading to increased productivity, with lesser absenteeism.

Improved Morale

A focus on well-being demonstrates that the company values its employees creating positive morale, better work environment and team cohesion.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Proactive health measures can lead to lower healthcare expenses and prevent chronic diseases.

Stress Reduction

Wellness programs provide tools for managing stress, and contribute to better mental and emotional well-being.

Employee Retention

Investing in employee health fosters loyalty and they are more likely to stay with a company that prioritizes their well-being.

Increased Engagement

Wellness initiatives engage employees in a shared purpos, is a great team-building activity and enhances camaraderie among team members.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Investing in preventive health measures leads to long-term cost savings.

Adaptability and Resilience

Employees with good physical and mental health are more adaptable to change and navigate challenges more effectively.

What mistakes to avoid?

8 common mistakes to avoid in Corporate Wellness Initiatives.


Administering health risk
assessments only

Mere check-ups are insufficient; employees need actionable steps post-assessment and blood check-ups. It is important to provide guidance on how to interpret results and what lifestyle measures should be taken for improving health.


Excluding Leadership

Leadership involvement is crucial for program endorsement; leaders setting an example cultivates a wellness-oriented culture, positively influencing employee participation and commitment.


Ignoring Personal

Embrace diversity in eating preferences and exercise choices; tailor programs to accommodate individual choices, ensuring engagement and sustainability by aligning with personal lifestyles and interests. Choice of exercises may change considerably based on the age group too!


Unappealing & Unsustainable

Inject fun into programs and foster a positive relationship with food and exercise. Ensure ongoing motivation and sustainability by making activities enjoyable, relevant, and adaptable to participants’ evolving needs. The goal is also to create engagement and a positive work environment.


Neglecting Measurement
and Evaluation

Regularly assess program effectiveness; measuring progress allows for adjustments, ensuring ongoing success and addressing any shortcomings promptly. It is important to measure the effectiveness of the program with numbers! How much is the average waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, incidence of lifestyle diseases before and after the campaign?


Ignoring Mental

Mental well-being is integral; prioritize stress management, mindfulness, and emotional support in wellness programs to cultivate a holistic approach to employee health. Ceratin corporate wellness campaigns such as weight loss campaigns, without learning the underlying concern of an individual may actually add more stress and demoralise the employees.


Generic one-size-fits-all

Companies should tailor programs to meet diverse health needs and medical conditions acknowleding that success varies beyond weight loss. Appreciate individual efforts, considering factors like underlying health conditions, age etc to encourage a more inclusive and holistic approach. For example, 5 kg of weight lost by a person who has a thyroid disorder (hypothyroidism that is characterised by low metabolic rate) cannot be compared or interpreted any lesser a progress than another person who lost 10 kgs of body loss.


Weight Loss

Corporate wellness programs should adopt an inclusive and holistic approach. Weight loss campaigns, for example, should not solely focus on rewarding or appreciating individuals solely based on shedding pounds. Recognizing and celebrating individuals who are already healthy, fit, and well within the specified body weight range is equally important. This ensures that the wellness initiatives are fair, encouraging, and supportive of the overall well-being of all employee.

What do we offer?

Explore the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs.

Corporate Wellness Seminars & Webinars (Online)

Engage employees with insightful 1-2 hour seminars or webinars on diverse health topics. Topics range from specific health conditions like diabetes or heart health to debunking myths around health and fitness, fostering informed and empowered lifestyle choices.


Short Engagement Programs (3 - 10 days)

We also conduct dynamic, short-term campaigns tailored around themes or health days. For instance, a “Heart-Healthy Week” for World Heart Day, featuring daily health snippets, a heart-healthy recipe, cardiovascular risk calculators, and culminating in an interactive seminar or webinar for a comprehensive and impactful engagement.


Customised Health PROGRAMMES

We also offer personalized, long-term engagements spanning 3 to 12 months. We railor diet and exercise plans for each employee,  addressing their individual health goals, accompanied by continuous support and guidance. This comprehensive approach fosters a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, and overall well-being.


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