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You may enrol in any of the below three program types, each varying in duration and support levels. If you are dealing with health concerns like cancer nutrition, post-angioplasty/stroke lifestyle management, or lupus, please opt for the advanced or privileged programs only.

Choose Enrolment

Single Couple
Fixed Price

Standard (3 Months)

3 Month Program Duration
Customised Nutrition Plan & Changes Periodically
Customised Exercise Plan & Changes Periodically
Support through Dedicated WhatsApp Group for each individual client
Community Support
WhatsApp & Scheduled Call Followups
2 message followup (Weekly)
1 call followup (Every 2 Weeks)
Dietician & Exercise Expert as Instructors
Commit to Action
Fixed Price

Advanced (3 + 3 Months)

Everything in Standard
Additional Handholding of 3 months
1 call followup (Every week)
Dietician, Exercise Expert & Chief Lifestyle Diseases Expert as Instructors
Commit to Action
Fixed Price

Privileged (3 + 6 Months)

Everything in Advanced
Additional Handholding of 6 months
Dietician, Exercise Expert, Chief Lifestyle Diseases Expert & Rajiv Ambat as Instructors
Recipe Support
Medical Doctor Involved in the dedicated WhatsApp Group
Counsellor Support (2 sessions)
Commit to Action

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our help centre for detailed information, troubleshooting guides, and more.

After completing the payment, our team will reach out to you via WhatsApp and a phone call. We will initiate the creation of a dedicated WhatsApp group, including you, our dieticians, exercise expert, and lifestyle coaches. To kick off your personalized program, we’ll schedule a call at your convenience to delve into essential details such as lifestyle, eating habits, dietary patterns, medical history, existing conditions, and medications.

We’ll also review your past blood reports, scan reports, and may request additional reports if necessary, considering conditions and the recency of reports. Within 7-10 days of your program enrollment, we’ll share a detailed nutrition plan. Importantly, the program start date is determined from the day the nutrition plan is shared, not the enrollment date. The exercise plan will follow suit, shared 3-4 days after the commencement of the diet plan. This systematic approach ensures a comprehensive and personalized start to your health journey.

We recognize that many individuals may seek to address multiple health issues simultaneously, such as managing or reversing diabetes while also dealing with hypertension (high BP) or fatty liver. Our programs are structured to comprehensively address these health concerns, eliminating the need for enrolling in multiple programs.

During the post-enrollment discovery call, our team will thoroughly capture information about all your medical conditions, medications, and any additional health considerations. This ensures that your personalized program is tailored to address the full spectrum of your health needs in a holistic and integrated manner. No need to enroll in separate programs—we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive approach.

Certainly! If you have preliminary questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp at (+91 79944 25552). For those seeking a more in-depth 40-minute consultation to discuss specific health issues, you can express your interest through the same WhatsApp number. We’ll be happy to schedule a detailed consultation call with one of our experienced lifestyle coaches. Please note that this detailed consultation service is charged at Rs 700

No, we do not offer refunds once the program has commenced. This policy is in place due to the personalized and detailed nature of our programs, which involve significant upfront efforts, including creating tailored nutrition and exercise plans, forming dedicated WhatsApp groups, and conducting initial consultations. Further, lifestyle changes involve learning to navigate through busy travel schedules, marriage functions, parties, and various other real-life scenarios.

However, we may allow the program to be kept on hold for some time on a case-by-case basis in specific and genuine situations, such as sudden medical emergencies, entirely upon our team’s discretion.

We are committed to delivering value and supporting you throughout your health journey. If you have any concerns or need clarifications before enrolling, feel free to reach out for pre-payment consultation.

Certainly! You have the option to convert your payment into EMI at the payment gateway if you are using a credit card. Additionally, if your debit card supports the EMI facility, feel free to utilize that option at the payment gateway. This provides you with convenient financial flexibility to make your health and wellness journey more accessible.

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