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What is your body fat percentage

body fat percentage

Body Composition

Our body can be considered to be made up of 4 basic components – Water, Bone, Fat & Muscle mass!

Body wt = Bone wt + Water wt + Muscle wt + Fat wt

The density of each of these 4 components varies – i.e 1 kg of bone, water, muscle or fat occupies different volume. That is why, two people of the same sex, height and body weight (and hence the same BMI) may look completely different because they have a different body composition!

Body composition usually refers to the percentage amount of muscle and fat content in the body.

A healthy range of fat content for a male is roughly, 10 – 17%, while for a female is 15 – 22%

How can you improve your Body Composition

Improving body composition refers to reducing fat% while increasing the muscle % in the body. This can be achieved only if your nutrition, physical activity and rest – all are in sync.

Improving body composition kicks up your metabolism to a great extend, there by improving your body vitals and managing the blood sugar levels, serum cholesterol levels, thyroid, PCOD and various other life style disorders to a great extend

Published : - 01/31/2020

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