6 pack syndrome


There is this fascination for six-pack abs among men.. and please do not take us wrong – there is nothing wrong in having six-pack abs! But is six-pack abs the testimony of a fit and healthy body? Not really! Let us explain why!?

The 6 pack abs muscle is one of the core muscles, called Rectus Abdominis. And we all have these muscles! Yes! All of us have a 6 pack abs!

The only problem, perhaps, is that our 6 pack abs are covered by fat and hence is not visible. Read @ https://nuvovivo.com/blog/you-have-abs/

When the fat composition percentage in our body drops to nearly 15%, these muscles will start appearing. Having a 6 pack abs means that the body fat% is low, or in other words – the person scores well in the body composition parameter of fitness.

Does it mean he is fit? Not really! There are 5 parameters to determine the fitness levels of a person, and low body fat percentage(body composition number) is just one among those 5 parameters. These 5 parameters are

  1. Body Composition
  2. Cardio Vascular Ability
  3. Flexibility, Response & Stability
  4. Muscular Ability
  5. Endurance

Thus – 

  • Just because a person does not have a 6 pack abs, it is wrong to say he is not fit.
  • Just because a person has abs, it is wrong to say he is fit 

In short, six-pack abs is just one of the possible indicators of the fitness level and it does not give a complete picture of fitness quotient by any means!

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