Apple Cider Viner (ACV)


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a type of vinegar made from fermented apple juice and used as a dressing in salads.

Thanks to incessant marketing, ACV is touted to be the magic formula for reducing body weight, and even controlling diabetes & cholesterol. However, there has not been any conclusive research evidence for these claims, with a majority of the randomized trials, meta-analysis & experiments done only on rats! Most of the research done on ACV points to reduced eating because of nausea induced by acidic ACV or the feeling of fullness. As a result of this, reduced eating is what eventually leads to health benefits.

However, ACV does not pose any considerable risk to health, unless consumed in large quantities – so the common approach among many health practitioners is “why not try it?. If you are consuming ACV, be very careful to always dilute it with water and drink, else it could damage your esophagus (Food pipe)

ACV is normally had in the morning with water – one teaspoon of ACV + lemon in a glass of water! It is safe to consume ACV in moderate doses however since this is acidic, it may cause stomach upset – especially for people suffering from acidity and stomach ulcers. High doses of ACV can also erode the tooth enamel and damage the throat.

ACV is also popularly used for washing hair to improve hair health and reduce breakages. This is because ACV is acidic and a dull, brittle hair is more alkaline (higher in pH scale). Washing it with a mildly acidic ACV + water can bring back the pH balance by giving a healthy and glazing appearance to the hair

ACV is available in the normal form and also with the cloud of yeast & bacteria in the unfiltered form (also known as the “Mother ACV”)

Takeaway – If you are trying to lose weight, consuming apple cider vinegar alone is not going to help. The method to lose some body fat and become healthy & look young requires 3 things – Eat Right, Stay Active & Sleep well!

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