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Weight Loss and weight loss diets are one of the most searched key words in the internet. But is weight loss the be all and the end all of becoming healthy & reversing lifestyle diseases?

Is over weight and obesity the only reason for diseases like – diabetes, cholesterol, pcod, fatty liver, hypertension etc? There are many people whose BMI is in the idea range (i.e below 25) and still diabetic and unhealthy?

To all those who are behind the weight loss agenda, let us remind you – have you not seen people who lost weight and looks older and unhealthier? They lose a lot of hair, skin becomes wrinked, eyes goes inside! Basically, lose 10 kgs and look 10 years older! Why does that happen to some people!?

That happens when a person loses lot of muscles when they try to lose weight. This happens when they get on a very low calorie diet (or high calorie deficit diet). Skip dinner and instead have vegetables / salad only for dinner and you are bound to end up as one such weight loss transformation

The best weight loss diet is the one that allows you to lose only fat without losing muscles. Such a weight loss is healthy and you will look younger as you lose weight. You basically will reverse your age!

For this to happen, the calorie deficit has to be planned with adequate amount of protein, carbs and fat!

But what is the adequate amout of protein, fat or carbs!?

The adequate amount of protein, fat or carbs is that amount of macro nutrient that is planned based on your age, gender, medical conditions, physical activity levels etc. For eg – 

  • A younger person perhaps need more portion of the calories coming from protein and carbs
  • A man would need more protein as compared to women, in weight loss (or fat loss)
  • For a diabetic person, the carbs need to be managed. Fat needs to be managed for someone with gall bladder stones or has his gall bladder removed. Protein needs to be managed for someone with a kidney issue or has uric acid on and so forth!

So, to put it simply – the total calories and protein, fat and carbs ratio of one person might not be the same as the other person!

Only a healthy fat loss with no muscle loss will improve the medical conditions too. Let it be to reverse diabetes or reverse cholesterol or reverse pcod etc!

So, how do you know you are losing weight in a healthy manner?

The best method to measure if you are losing weight in a healthy manner is to check if there is a commensurate measure of inch loss too. ie, you have to lose belly fat also!

Are you on a diet to lose belly fat..or are you on a diet to lose weight (including muscles?)

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