Honey & Lemon for weight loss


Nope! Drinking honey with lemon, early in the morning is not going to help anyone lose weight!

Losing or gaining weight depends on energy deficit or surplus in the body. If there is excess energy in the body (calories through food more than calories spent by the body) then you gain weight. Similarly, if there is an energy deficit, then you lose weight. This means, even if you have honey + lemon water, you will not lose weight unless you create a calorie deficit. Remember – law of conservation of energy and mass is a universal phenomenon! ( Watch for more details – http://bit.ly/2JuTRJB )

Well, we are not saying that it is not beneficial to have honey + lemon water. Lemon is Vit C, which is also an antioxidant and helps in improving immunity with a host of other benefits. (Read more here – https://nuvovivo.com/blog/the-antioxidant-vitamin-vit-c/ )

Honey too is healthy (natural honey with little processing) and has many essential minerals, anti-oxidants etc, apart from it being anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory in nature. However, honey is calorie-dense – more calories than sugar or jaggery. (Watch for more info – http://bit.ly/2BWBd9m )

There are many such glorified shortcuts and solutions that often give wrong information about health, wellness & fitness!

Tell us one such thing that you have heard of 🙂 Let’s have some fun and learn a thing or two about living healthy and young!

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