Slim, yet diabetic!


Diabetes, as you already know is the body’s inability to manage blood sugar. In type 1 diabetes, the body (pancreas) is unable to produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar levels. The type 2 diabetes, which is the more common condition, is when the insulin is unable to bring the blood sugar levels down, as the body becomes insulin resistant due to an improper lifestyle

While the chances of type 2 diabetes is higher for obese individuals, why do we see slim people with right BMI also taking diabetes medication?

According to a recent study ( nearly 50% of the Indians are with ideal or near-ideal body weight when they are detected with type 2 diabetes. Here the issue is not body weight, but an improper body composition (% Fat mass Vs % Muscle mass).

Our body weight is broadly the sum of water weight + bone weight + fat mass + muscle mass. In the pic above, the person has more fat mass, but less muscle mass and hence the total weight is within the range! Such a scenario is called skinny fat. He would not look visibly obese but may have the metabolic parameters of an obese person. This is known as MONW (Metabolically Obese Normal-Weight). This is also the reason, BMI cannot be an ideal indicator of your health and fitness.

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So what needs to be done in such a case? Reduce your body fat levels (particularly visceral fat) and improve your lean body mass (muscle mass)

Or, in other words – improve the body composition.

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