How does smoking impact metabolism?


Well, we do not have to tell you that smoking is injurious to health! But in this post, we are going to tell you some facts about smoking that you, perhaps, did not know about smoking!

Did you know that smokers generally gain weight when they quit smoking, just for a brief period! This is because, smoking often serves as a behavioral alternative to eating, resulting in decreased food intake. Further, nicotine can initiate the release of various neurotransmitters that causes the heart to beat faster, thereby increasing the resting metabolism rates and hence higher energy expenditure.

Nicotine is a type of sympathomimetic agent that is seen in many anti-obesity drugs that also increases thermogenesis in adipose/fat tissue (they increase energy expenditure via action on peripheral tissue and through regulation of metabolism in the brain) Read more in detail @

Hey! You! Wait a min!! Don’t you dare think that smoking is ok and it will help in losing weight. Don’t you dare “rationalise” your smoking habits (i.e if you are a smoker). There is no doubt that smoking is HIGHLY DANGEROUS to health and the number one cause of deaths, in many countries. It can cause heart ailments, cancer, asthma, lung cancer, stroke, diabetes, reduced immunity, reduced sexual drive, weaker bones etc, apart from various other health complications.

Smoking reduces the quality of life considerably and can create many ill impacts! What is the point of losing weight and losing health!? So Quit smoking!

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