Brown Vs White Bread


Thanks to increased awareness about staying healthy and fit, people are scrambling for information. However, the majority of we common population still falls prey to the marketing tactics of large multinational food and beverage companies!

One such gimmick is Brown Bread Vs White Bread!

Majority of us believe that brown bread is a healthier option than the white bread and opts for it..without out knowing the marketing gimmick behind it

Brown bread is made from wheat and hence it has more fiber as compared to the white bread. It also has several B-Vitamins and other minerals, thus making it a healthier option as compared to white bread which is devoid of the fiber-rich & nutritious part of the wheat grain – like bran and germ

The point to note here is that the body understands the over-all fiber content of our food! If we are having enough veggies, fruits etc along with the white bread then it makes very little difference. Besides, white bread is softer and tastier than its brown counterpart

As part of the manufacturing process, white bread is bleached with chemicals, whereas brown bread (made truly and ethically) does not go through such bleaching or chemical treatment.

However, thanks to the marketing gimmicks and cost-saving methods, most of the ‘brown’ bread that we see is actually, white bread with brown colouring! And please do not get fooled by the marketing tactics such as sprinkled seeds on the side of the bread loaf ! 🙂

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