Calcium & its importance


Calcium is one of the most important minerals for the human body – especially for the bones and teeth. As you know already, milk, cheese and all dairy products are good sources of calcium. Calcium is also seen in minor quantities in nuts, and in leafy vegetables

It is important not only for healthy bones, teath and nails, it is required for the muscles to function, body to send nerve impulses, heart functioning etc.

If our body is not getting enough amount of calcium through food, then it will take away the calcium from the bones there by making them weak and brittle. This condition is called Osteoporosis

The recommended requirement of calcium in a day for a grown up adult is around 1000 mg.

Calcium can be absorbed by the human body only in the presence of Vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin d, also can hence cause calcium deficiency in our body.

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