Can you reduce just the belly fat?


I want to lose only by belly fat!

This is one of the most common request by many of us! Is this really possible? Is it possible to reduce fat only from one part of the body?

Losing fat only from one particular spot of the body is called spot reduction (i.e eliminating subcutaneous fat)! 

Many of try to achieve this by doing exercises targeting that area. Familiar?? Crunches to lose belly fat! And NO! Spot reduction is not possible – not unless you go under a knife!

When you perform any exercise targeting one particular area, the muscles of that area grows stronger. However, this has a nearly zero impact on burning fat from that particular area. When our body starts burning fat, the fat from the entire body is burned. As your over all body fat% comes down, the fat deposits around your belly also will follow the suit.

Following a well structured nutritious diet and a good amount of physical activity is what gives you those curves and makes you look & feel healthy.

So next time you see an advertisement that asks you to have a pill or wear a belt to lose fat from targeted area, you will not fall for it!

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