Green tea for weight loss?


Green tea is often touted as one of the best ways to lose weight. We have heard and seen many of our colleagues, friends and relatives having green tea because it will help you lose weight. Well, does it really?

Green tea is rich in flavonoids & antioxidants that have fat burning properties and increasing metabolism. They are naturally occurring compounds and helps in neutralising free radicals found in our bodies. Free radicals are nothing but toxic substances that get into our body due to environmental pollution, smoke and other toxins from food etc. They sometimes also occur naturally in our bodies and can cause different types of diseases, accelerate the ageing process and are often carcinogenic.

HOWEVER, if your goal is to lose extra fat from the body and become healthy, just drinking green tea will not help. A structured diet and workout regime is what that helps in attaining your weight loss goals.

To sum it up, while green tea definitely has its health benefits, consuming green tea alone is not going to help to lose weight.

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  1. Aman

    As we all know that consuming this drink regularly can Enhance our ‘Immune System’ to 10x, As it is full of antioxidants and nutritions which also protect us from several diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and many more. According to the scientific study it is to be said that drinking herbal or organic Tea regularly can Increase Your Age Limit.

  2. Buy Tea Online in India

    Green tea is extremely useful for other purposes as well. It helps us boost metabolism. It may prevent heart diseases. It is even useful for preventing cancer.

  3. Azizil Hakim

    Appreciate it very much intended for publishing this kind of fascinating article on this matter. It has definitely created me personally believe as well as I’m hoping to learn to read much more.

  4. Soumya B Hegde

    I landed up on your blog from Google. Thanks for sharing this article. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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