Corona causing anxiety & depression?



Where ever you go, I’m there – Gadha Jam!”

All malayalees are familiar with the above movie dialogue, from the famous Mohanlal movie – “Vandanam”

Well, Corona seem to have become the “Gadha Jam” of our life – atleast since the last few days! Facebook, WhatsApp, Google News, News Channels, Call a friend… you hear ‘Corona’ and nothing else!

Parents are worried for their kids, Kids are worried for their parents, Business men worried for their employees, so on and so forth!

For sure, Corona is a serious pandemic and almost every country is affected by it. Authorities are battling to contain this, and with various degree of success. China seem to have successfully contained it. So has South Korea, Singapore, Hong kong etc, inspite of the initial spread.

Take care of personal hygiene, stay indoors and practice social distancing if required to interact with outsiders and more importantly – listen to the government authorities

However, let us remind you one thing – Too much of news around misery and how terrible life is now, is NOT GOING TO DO YOU ANY GOOD 

It is natural that Corona has caused, or may-be soon going to cause, a serious rise in anxiety and related issues! Here are some pointers to make you feel better – 

  1. Avoid reading and discussing too much of news, updates etc within your social group (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc). If you have a compulsion to stay updated, then, may be read news, once in a day (during this time)
  2. This is an amazing time to plan your career or your future business plans. Do some reading, update your knowledge, devise plans etc
  3. Call that friend whom you have not spoken since eons! Ofcourse, make sure you don’t end up talking about the virus again! 😆 
  4. Try to pick up a skill! May be how to read a balance sheet and P&L statement..or may be even the basic ‘Hi-Hello‘ of a new language.
  5. Some of you might deserve just doing NOTHING at all and a serious break from your otherwise busy job and career. Watch a movie, a sit-com, or read some books
  6. Spend some quality time with kids, parents etc and you may even realise you have been missing out on so many things
  7. STOP forwarding every news that you received among your social circle and friends. Your intentions might be good, but beyond a point, it will do more harm than good.
  8. Thanks to the corona scare, this is a good opportunity to connect with your own self! Do some meditation, it will not only relieve the anxiety and tension, but also help in holistic wellness and health

Here is a guided meditation that you can try – Guided Meditation

Are you feeling anxious, listen to this song…. and you are welcome 😉 

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