What is clean eating? Is clean eating a myth?


Latest buzz word among the health conscious people is – “Clean Eating”

What exactly is clean eating? Will clean eating help you to become healthy and fit?

Clean eating, in its true essence is a healthy and good for the body. However, most of the clean eating brigade, gets the entire thing wrong. Let us tell you why –

I’m not saying clean eating is bad. After all clean eating relies on reducing preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients and processed food, while including more of vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc in one’s diet. This means replacing table-sugar with less processed and natural honey, jaggery, replacing all purpose flour with whole grain flour, reducing packaged food etc.

For sure, they are all healthy things to do. Then, where does Clean Eating falter?

Let me introduce to a condition called – Orthorexia Nervosa!

Orthorexia Nervosa is a condition where there is an unhealthy obsession around ‘eating-healthy’ there by making poor choice of food, leading to mal-nutrition and a bad relationship with food and poor quality fo life

While the packaged foods do come with preservatives, some of them are also fortified with minerals or vitamins that are not easily available in diet, such as Vit D3, Vit-B12 etc. Pure vegetarians are highly prone to deficiency of such minerals.

Avoiding meat products in the name of clean-eating, and not compensating enough on vegetarian protein sources and there by going really low on protein intake is yet another common potential health problem of clean-eating methodology

Also, clean eating without having a basic idea of calorie intake is not going to help in any way. That is, if you eat more than what you body needs there is no point in clean eating or how much ever organic the food is!

Excess of anything is bad and excess energy balance almost always ends up on your tummy! 😛  So next time, you get over obsessed with guacamole dip, be cautious – avocado is a lot of fat (though it is the healthy mono-unsaturated fat)



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