Diabetes Medications – Explained


Diabetes management is a combination of 4 things – 

  1. Medicines (if needed)
  2. Diet Planning (very much needed)
  3. Physical Activity (has to be done based on age and physical conditions)
  4. Proper Sleep & Rest 

When it comes to the medical management of diabetes to control blood sugar levels, there are many medicines. From Metformin to Glimepiride, to Linagliptin to Voglibose!

  • What do these tablets do? 
  • Do they all work the same way?

Here is a short description of these medicines (From a lifestyle expert and diabetes educator point of view) . It might be a tad bit technical, but we have tried our best to keep this in simple language as possible 🙂

Among the mentioned category of medicines, doctors prescribe the one that suits the current condition, insulin resistance, other medical conditions, pregnancy, contra-indications and side effects

VERY IMPORTANT: These medicine are to be prescribed only by a doctor. At NuvoVivo, we can even help you reduce these medicine dosages with lifestyle changes; however, such a decrease in dosage has to be done ONLY based on your doctors advice and tests.

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Diabetes (T2DM) is a lifestyle disease and the most effective and important means to managing the same is through lifestyle change itself!

Lifestyle change that includes proper calorie planning, macronutrient planning (protein, fats & carbs) and exercises need to be administered based on other medical conditions and physical conditions. For eg – protein intake needs to be managed if the blood sugar levels have impacted kidney function (high creatinine levels, urine albumin)

Similarly, exercises meant for a person with arthritis, over-weight, ivdp (lower back disc prolapse) etc, would be different, as compared to another person with, say, piles or haemorrhoids

With proper diet planning, exercise and rest, blood sugar levels can be controlled and insulin sensitivity of the body can even be improved, leading to a possible reduction of medicine (ofcourse, based on doctors advice only)

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