Does hormones make you happy and sad?


There is this term called “Runners High”; it is that feel-good factor that an athlete or a jogger experiences, immediately after the physical activity!

Anybody who starts physical exercises immediately starts feeling more confident and happier which often reflects in many other things he/she does – including work and day to day activities. This is because of certain hormones that are secreted. These hormones, also known as happy hormones are Serotonin & Dopamine.

Serotonin & Dopamine are secreted in the brain across different Neuron pathways and hence also acts as a Neurotransmitter driving happiness and pleasure centers of the brain.

Dopamine is secreted from the pleasure derived out of setting realistic goals and achieving them. In other words, dopamine directly engages with the Reward system of your brain.

Seratonin is also a mood-boosting neurotransmitter which is directly related to the confidence that a person derives out of achievement. It is also a component of many antidepressants. The easiest and effective way to increase this confidence building happy hormone is through daily exercise. This is also the reason, physical activity is often suggested to those who are also suffering from depression

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