Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?


During pregnancy, the mother gains nearly 12 – 15 kgs. Where does this weight go?

The baby will be weighing around 3 kgs, placenta along with the amniotic fluid will be nearly 3 kgs, larger breast & uterus tissue of nearly 1-2 kg and extra blood supply 1-2 kgs and stored fat of 3 – 4 kgs. “Eat for 2 people” during pregnancy is a myth. However, it is important to eat 300-500 calories above the usual calorie limit and the steady weight gain happens – especially around the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.

It is important to eat food rich in folic acid (B-Vit), calcium, iron, and protein during pregnancy. Include ample amount of fruits and vegetables to provide an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

After the delivery, the mother will usually drop weight as the breastfeeding starts.

We strongly suggest not to worry about weight loss immediately after pregnancy, as the weight gain is quite natural a process. Feeding mothers are not advised to go on any dieting unless the baby has started weaning and eating solid food. It is also important to consume additional 200-400 calories if the mother is breastfeeding

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