What is Intermittent Fasting? Is it helpful in weight loss?


Intermittent Fasting (IF) is the new kid in the block among the weight loss junta! Some even calling IF and Keto as the holly grail of weight loss. Let us explain what IF is and how does it work.

IF is not a nutrition strategy, it is only a dieting pattern, rather, a tool to help achieve a calorie deficit. A person loses body weight when there is a calorie deficit. i.e calorie-in lesser than your calorie expenditure. In an IF dieting method, a person eats only on a small window of time, say 8 hours and does not eat anything other than drinking water, black tea/coffee without sugar in the remaining 16 hours.

The funda is that, how much ever you try to stuff in within the allowed 8 hours, it is very difficult to overeat and go on a calorie surplus. Eventually, you will lose weight because you are on a calorie deficit. In other words, IF is only a tool to make sure you maintain a calorie deficit. If you have the same amount of food round the clock, you will achieve the same results, because at the end of the day you lose or gain weight based on energy (calorie) balance between intake and expenditure.

IF is not a magic strategy and sometimes, it can cause gastric issues because of fasting over a longer duration. Some people may get acidity, headache, migraine etc and in some cases leading to stomach ulcer because of prolonged fasting.

If IF helps you stick to the prescribed food intake and bring in strict adherence, then go ahead with it..but be aware of its ramification

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