Is Cheese Fattening?


Say Cheese!!

But, is cheese fattening?

Well, we keep harping that excess calorie is what that makes a person gain weight! One cheese slice is roughly 75 calories, from protein and fats! Weight loss (Fat loss) requires calorie-deficit and hence it is possible to include cheese in your and still achieves progress.

The only thing to be careful is – cheese is a lot of calories, especially from fat. If you overeat cheese, it quickly adds up to a LOT of calories and you may end up in calorie surplus, thereby gaining weight.

Cheese is also rich in calcium and potassium – a key ingredient for healthy teeth, bones etc!

However, please note that cheese is rich in sodium which can cause elevated blood pressure and hence consumption of cheese by those suffering from hypertension should be limited. Also, the fat contained in cheese is of ‘saturated’ variety. According to The American Heart Association, the intake of saturated fat should not be more than 10% of your total calories!

There are many types & varieties of cheese – Cheddar, Feta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Goat cheese, etc. 

Takeaway – Cheese is a healthy source of nutrients and minerals. However they are packed with a lot of calories, so consumption of cheese needs to be monitored so that you do not go beyond your total calorie requirement in a day. Each of the above-mentioned cheese varieties is different in terms of taste, texture, source, macronutrient profile, and hence total calories

So, lets say CHEESE!!! 🙂

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