Sporadic Eating & Headache


Are you someone who is so busy with work and ends up not having meals on time? You may be getting headache, acid reflux/acidity, and if done so for a long duration – even stomach ulcers. Before we explain how to manage this and take care of your health & fitness, here is a bit of science!

It is extremely important for our body to maintain an ideal blood sugar level. Two hormones, Insulin & Glucagon regulate this – Insulin brings the blood sugar level down when it rises (due to a sudden intake of carbs), while the hormone glucagon increases the blood sugar levels when it falls [by releasing temporarily stored glucose (glycogen) from liver & muscles]

The headache that most of us experience when not eating on time is a prelude to a condition called “Hypoglycemia”. Hypoglycemia is when the blood sugar level (glucose) falls below the minimum required level (70 mg/dL) causing severe headache, shakiness & weakness, leading to loss of consciousness, seizure and sometimes even death! This happens because of not eating carbs or not eating any food at all, for a long duration

Glucose is the most sought after and the most important fuel for the brain (hence the headache, when no glucose). Our body can produce glucose even from non-carb sources such as protein through a process called gluconeogenesis! When you feel going hypoglycemic, immediately have a chocolate or a sugary drink, or even some glucose mixed in water

For the highly career-oriented folks who do not get to eat on time, carry some nuts (almonds, cashew etc) so that you can munch on them. You can eat them even while driving; it is non-messy to eat & you do not need a dining table! They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are rich in calories too – both protein and fat. Besides, the fat contained in nuts is mainly healthy unsaturated fats!

So next time, you miss your meal, have a few almonds & a glass of water – your headache/migraine/acidity saga will be sorted. However, make sure you stick within your calorie.

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