Stretch marks while losing weight?


Stretch marks are those near-parallel lines that form on the skin which a slight discoloration. While they are usually not a problem creator, sometimes, they can be itchy with slight inflammation.

Stretch marks happen when the skin is stretched due to the fast growth of either muscles or even extra body weight. It is common during pregnancy and even during adolescence. Stretch marks are also formed when a hormone called cortisone secreted by the adrenal glands, is higher in the body. Cortisone is hormone secreted by our body in response to stress and hence very similar to stress hormone Cortisol. It is hence common for people who are highly stressed in their job or otherwise also to have such stretch marks on their body

There are many stretch mark reducing creams and oils available in the market which are mostly Vitamin D & E. Similarly, applying Coco butter is also claimed to help reduce the stretch marks. However, these are only anecdotal evidence. Usually, these stretch marks smoothen and slowly go away with time

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