What time should you workout?


Those who start workouts ask us, when is the best time to workout? Morning? Or Evenings?

The best time for your workout is that time of the day that will allow you to be consistent and compliant for a longer duration!

For some people, working out in the mornings helps as they feel energetic throughout the day. Working out in the morning may be more convenient for some, who may have a busy schedule during the rest of the day. Such people may end up skipping exercise due to work-related stress, meetings, travel etc..and for such people morning is better! Morning workout hence has fewer distractions and may give better focus

For certain others, exercising in the evening is better as they may not like to wake up early in the morning and prefer sleeping a little longer throughout the day. Evening workout may be tough, when running around for work and other things. However, working out is a great stress buster! Going for a run or lifting some weight in the gym by the end of the day is a great way to get rid of the stress.

Some people may, however, find it difficult to catch sleep after an evening workout, as the core temperature will stay elevated after exercise and their body continues to be alert.

Long point short – There is no specific time that is better for your workout. The best time for a workout is that time of the day that allows you better compliance and adherence for a longer term

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