5 reasons why you should NEVER do a GM Diet


Over the last few years, GM diet has become the magic word among many of those who are in the race to lose weight. What exactly is GM diet? Is it healthy? Let us find out!

What is GM Diet

GM diet, also known as General Motors diet is a 7 day diet plan, where each day you restrict your food intake only to a certain type of foods – mostly fruits & vegetables. The proponents of GM diet says you can lose 5 – 7 kgs, within just one week.

Does it work?

GM diet essentially restrict your calories drastically in an unhealthy manner. When you provide lesser calories to your body than the calories(energy) that it requires in a day, you obviously loses weight! However, it is anybody’s guess that restricting calories and losing weight in such a manner is EXTREMELY unhealthy and you often gain back all those weight you lost pretty soon, along with many other issues (often hormonal imbalances, losing hair, wrinkled skin etc)

Should you be trying it?

Of course NOT! GM diet is extremely low in calories and makes you starve. You will ofcourse lose weight – but most of that will be muscle mass along with fat. It severely impairs your metabolism and has many side effect

5 reasons why GM diet is unhealthy!

  1. Extremely low on calories in an unhealthy manner

As discussed already GM diet is extremely low in calories and you will lose a lot of muscle mass (lean body mass). Once you lose lean body mass, your metabolic rate will come down drastically. This makes you put on even more amount of weight once you stop the GM diet and get back to normal eating habits

  1. GM diet is missing on important macro nutrients

The three basic macronutrients that your body needs are – protein, fat & carbohydrates. GM diet is lacking in fat and protein; fat is important for maintaining your hormonal balance, while protein is important to preserve lean body mass (muscles)

  1. Unsustainable

The rapid weight loss you achieve through GM diet is very much unsustainable. You cannot live by eating only fruits and vegetables. Once you stop the routine, you will gain back everything you lost and perhaps more!

  1. Affects your metabolism

Since you are putting your body at extreme stress and on starvation mode, your metabolism goes for a toss. Your metabolic rate goes down when you provide extremely lesser calories to your body

  1. You will gain back every kg of weight you lost and perhaps more!

You of course cannot survive for the rest of your life by eating only fruits and vegetables. Since GM diet is not a structured and healthy calorie planned diet, you will lose a lot of lean body mass or muscles form your body. Alongside, your metabolic rate too will drop down drastically. This means, your ability to eat and not gain more weight also drops. When you stop the GM diet and get back to normal eating habits, you will soon gain back every ounce of weight you lost. There is also a good chance that you will gradually gain much more than what you lost – thanks your your damaged / impaired metabolism!

We can list down many more reasons as to why you should NEVER EVER try a GM diet! Now that you understand how unhealthy a GM diet is, your obvious question is – If not GM diet, how do I lose weight!?

If not GM diet, what else should I be doing?

You should follow a proper calorie structured diet with right amount of macro nutrients – protein, fat & carbohydrates. The diet should be flexible enough and not very low in calories. Such a plan should also not be too punishing or taxing on your current lifestyle. Such a calorie planned diet with right amount of physical activity will not only help you lose weight, but also will improve your health and make you look younger and energetic.

Remember – Slow and steady wins the race! Always!

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    Hi Author,
    Thank you for posting such an insightful article. I am a fitness trainer myself and for weight loss which is sustainable nothing works better than a combination of strength training, calorie deficit, nutritious meal and a good sleep.
    Soumya B Hegde

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