The detox scam


Detox is done by your body itself, with the help of liver and kidney. You only need to drink at least 3 liters of water (1 liter for every 20 kg of your weight) to assist these organs

Our internal organ liver & kidney are the natural cleansers in our body. Liver filters out harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs and chemicals. It even converts amino acids into energy there by creating very toxic ammonia as a by-product! However, the liver converts this to urea which is less toxic as compared to ammonia, and transfer it. to kidney

Kidneys filters out urea, and other chemicals, that the liver filters, out of the blood. Even the food wastes after the micro nutrients have been extracted are. Your kidney absorbs a few more minerals that are required (such as potassium) and then mixes the rest of waste with water and excretes it off in the form of urine!

We are not saying NOT to have these juices. The fruit/vegetable juices of course has minerals, vitamins, anyone oxidants etc and are beneficial for the body! But calling them magic detox juice is like saying that my Boeing aeroplane can not only fly,  it can even tour you around the entire solar system! 😛

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