Eating rice does not make you fat


Yes! You heard that right!! Eating rice does not make you fat; it is the excess calorie that makes a person gain weight!

Anyway, coming to the 3 tricks to get back in shape

1) Eat within your calories – Eat nutritious food that is also within the calorie expenditure of your body. Even the healthiest of the food, if you overeat, will make you gain weight

2) Move more – You cannot wish away from physical activities. However, please note that there are many types of physical activities – running, swimming, cycling, gym, yoga, Zumba, gym, etc. They all burn calories & increase the energy expenditure, but not all of them are equal & does not have the same results

3) Sleep, Rest & Recovery – This is very important and only with adequate rest, the body will be able to repair itself to become healthy

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  1. Musclegaragefitness

    People often have the misconception that eating rice will make you fat, but the important thing is to eat in moderation and balance. Rice is a staple food in many cultures and can be a healthy part of a balanced diet. It’s all about portion control and choosing the right type of rice. Choosing brown rice or other whole grains will provide essential nutrients and fiber, which can help with weight control. Additionally, the way you prepare the rice is also important; Steaming or boiling is a healthier choice than frying. Thanks for busting this myth!

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